Free Swags For Developers

Free Swags For Developers

Welcome to our collection of open source projects that offer swag 👕🧢 rewards to their contributors! We all love contributing to open source projects, but it's even better when we can get cool swag in return🤩 Right?

😎 Checkout this cool projects that offers some awesome swags as a token of appreciation to their contributors.✨

ProjectDescriptionGithub Link
QuestDBSubmit a bugfix, feature or any other meaningful contribution via bug report or pull request with a reproducer and get a QuestDB tshirt. Source LinkLink
MindsDBYou can earn rewards by contributing to MindsDB and earn SWAG credits which you can use to purchase SWAG on our MindsDB SWAG store. Source LinkLink
GatsbyIf you contribute to the Gatsby organization on GitHub, you can claim your swag by logging into the Gatsby Store and requesting a discount code. With five or more contributions, you can claim your Level 2 swag.Link
IHPTasks to do: Nothing, Swag: Stickers. Just star the repo and fill this formLink
JSBinTasks to do: Nothing, Swag: Stickers. You’ll need to fill out the Google form with your name and address, and they will send you a few sticker on our next mail out. FormLink
AlligatorTasks to do: Write blog post, Swag: Stickers. Here are a portion of the subjects choices you can compose on:Vue.js, Angular, Preact, React, React NativeLink
RedWoodJSTasks to do: Nothing, Swag: Stickers. You just have to give your address and each week they pick upto 100 entries ad give out stickers, shipped to anywhere in the world for free.Link
KongTasks to do: Get 1 pull request merged, Swag: T-shirts. After your Pull Request gets accepted, then you gotta fill this FormLink

There are plenty more projects out there that offer swag rewards, so if you know of any that aren't on our list, feel free to contribute to this repository and add them!

So, what are you waiting for? Start contributing and get some awesome swag in return!