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GitHub Profile Achievements

GitHub Profile Achievements

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GitHub Profile Achievements πŸ†

A collection listing all Achievements available on the GitHub profile.

Following the launch of the first Mars Helicopter, Ingenuity, GitHub announced the new Achievements section:

We are also using this opportunity to introduce a new Achievements section to the GitHub profile. Right now, Achievements include the Mars 2020 Helicopter Mission badge, the Arctic Code Vault badge, and a badge for sponsoring open source work via GitHub Sponsors.

This repository attempts to list them all.

2022-06-09: GitHub announced more Achievements, but without specific criteria. If you see something not listed here or is incorrect, please open an issue :)

Don't like the Achievements? Here is how to disable them. Direct link to the setting for your convenience.


TitleBadgeEarnable?Earned by
Pair ExtraordinairePair Extraordinaire Badgeβœ”οΈCoauthored in a merged pull request
QuickdrawQuickdraw Badgeβœ”οΈClosed an issue or a pull request within 5 min of opening
StarstruckStarstruck Badgeβœ”οΈCreated a repository that has 16 stars
Galaxy BrainGalaxy Brain Badgeβœ”οΈ2 accepted answers
Pull SharkPull Shark Badgeβœ”οΈ2 pull requests merged
YOLOYOLO Badgeβœ”οΈMerged a pull request without code review
Arctic Code Vault ContributorArctic Code Vault Contributor Achievement Badge❌Contributed code to repositories in the 2020 GitHub Archive Program
Public SponsorGitHub Sponsor Achievement Badgeβœ”οΈSponsoring open source work via GitHub Sponsors
Mars 2020 ContributorMars 2020 Helicopter Contributor Achievement Badge❌Contributed code to repositories used in the Mars 2020 Helicopter Mission


Some Achievements not only have the base version, but also tiers.

TitleTierBadgeEarned by
Pair Extraordinaire x2Bronze πŸ₯‰Pair Extraordinaire Bronze BadgeCoauthored in 10 merged pull requests
Pair Extraordinaire x3Silver πŸ₯ˆPair Extraordinaire Silver BadgeCoauthored in 24 merged pull requests
Pair Extraordinaire x4Gold πŸ₯‡Pair Extraordinaire Gold BadgeCoauthored in 48 merged pull requests
Starstruck x2Bronze πŸ₯‰Starstruck Bronze BadgeCreated a repository that has 128 stars
Starstruck x3Silver πŸ₯ˆStarstruck Silver BadgeCreated a repository that has 512 stars
Starstruck x4Gold πŸ₯‡Starstruck Gold BadgeCreated a repository that has 4096 stars
Galaxy Brain x2Bronze πŸ₯‰Galaxy Brain Bronze Badge8 accepted answers
Galaxy Brain x3Silver πŸ₯ˆGalaxy Brain Silver Badge16 accepted answers
Galaxy Brain x4Gold πŸ₯‡Galaxy Brain Gold Badge32 accepted answers
Pull Shark x2Bronze πŸ₯‰Pull Shark Bronze Badge16 pull requests merged
Pull Shark x3Silver πŸ₯ˆPull Shark Silver Badge128 pull requests merged
Pull Shark x4Gold πŸ₯‡Pull Shark Gold Badge1024 pull requests merged

Official list

There is was an official list available in the GitHub Docs at
https://docs.github.com/en/account-and-profile/setting-up-and-managing-your-github-profile/customizing-your-profile/personalizing-your-profile#displaying-badges-on-your-profile (link to the archived version).
There is still a section which includes specifics on how badges were/are awarded, e.g. which repositories and versions qualified for the Mars 2020 Helicopter Contributor.

Consider this repository a mirror, maybe in the future with historic purpose. Unless there will be an official list again, this is it.


Specifics on how to achieve

For now, please refer to the discussions.
To the best of our knowledge:

Tier labels

Each tier has a label associated which includes a color.

Bronze πŸ₯‰x2x2#F9BFA7#F9BFA7
Silver πŸ₯ˆx3x3#E1E4E4#E1E4E4
Gold πŸ₯‡x4x4#FAE57E#FAE57E

100 % samples

Here are screenshots of all Achievements at 100 % unlocked as seen in full in the dialog, both light and dark mode.
See them live, including the animation some have, for example here:

Do you know a user with all Achievements at the same time? Let me know!


Here are the variants of Badges including the Octocat :octocat: based on the setting for the Emoji skin tone ✌️✌🏻✌🏼✌🏽✌🏾✌🏿.


The Highlights section below the Achievements including the corresponding badges is currently best documented in the official GitHub docs.

Previous versions

2021-04-19 - 2022-06-09

From the start with Ingenuity on 2021-04-19 until the additions on 2022-06-09, the first three Achievements had slightly different designs and names. In other words, they were overhauled on 2022-06-09.

- GitHub Sponsor
+ Public Sponsor
- Mars 2020 Helicopter Contributor
+ Mars 2020 Contributor

Here are the old designs and names:

Arctic Code Vault ContributorArctic Code Vault Contributor Achievement Badge
GitHub SponsorGitHub Sponsor Achievement Badge
Mars 2020 Helicopter ContributorMars 2020 Helicopter Contributor Achievement Badge
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