Gmail + email address trick for multiple accounts

Gmail + email address trick for multiple accounts

As of my last update in September 2021, Gmail had a useful trick that allowed users to create multiple accounts using a single email address. This trick exploits Gmail's ability to recognize variations in the email address while still delivering emails to the same primary account. Please note that Google may change or update its policies, so it's best to verify this information with the latest Gmail documentation.

Here's how the trick works:

  1. Using the "+" symbol: Gmail ignores any characters after a "+" symbol in the email address. For example, if your primary email address is "," you can create multiple accounts by adding a "+" followed by a unique identifier before the "@" symbol. For instance:

  2. Using dots (periods): Gmail also ignores dots in the email address. For example, "," "," and "" all deliver emails to the same account.

This trick is useful for organizing emails and signing up for various services while still receiving all correspondence in your primary Gmail inbox. It helps you differentiate the sources of emails and filter them accordingly using Gmail's filters and labels.

Remember that while this trick works with Gmail, not all email providers support the same feature. So, if you use other email services, it may not work in the same way.

Always be cautious while using email variations, especially for sensitive accounts, as it may make your email more accessible to spammers or attackers if they figure out your pattern. It's better to use strong passwords and two-factor authentication for securing your accounts.