[Knowledge check] Describe Azure storage services

[Knowledge check] Describe Azure storage services

This module introduces you to storage in Azure, including things such as different types of storage and how a distributed infrastructure can make your data more resilient.

Learning objectives

Upon completion of this module, you will be able to:

  • Compare Azure storage services

  • Describe storage tiers

  • Describe redundancy options

  • Describe storage account options and storage types

  • Identify options for moving files, including AzCopy, Azure Storage Explorer, and Azure File Sync

  • Describe migration options, including Azure Migrate and Azure Data Box


  • Basic familiarity with IT terms and concepts


  1. Which tool automatically keeps files between an on-premises Windows server and an Azure cloud environment updated?

    A. Azure File Sync

    B. Azure Storage Explorer

    C. AzCopy

  2. Which storage redundancy option provides the highest degree of durability, with 16 nines of durability?

    A. Locally redundant storage

    B. Zone-redundant storage

    C. Geo-zone-redundant-storage

  3. Which Azure Storage service supports big data analytics, as well as handling text and binary data types?

    A. Azure Blobs

    B. Azure Files

    C. Azure Disks