Laravel 10 Bug Hunt

Laravel 10 Bug Hunt

Laravel 10 is scheduled to be released in February and the Laravel team announced a new bug hunt with a chance to win $1,000 USD:

As you may know, we rely on our community to help us test new major versions in preparation for its release. But, this time we have something special in store. We will be holding a bug squashing contest to find and eliminate any pesky bugs that may be hidden in the new release. The winner of this contest will win $1,000!

The contest will end as soon as a first stable version of Laravel 10 is released. Any pull requests that are still pending at that time or are sent in after the Laravel 10 release will not be eligible.

Here are the rules:

  • Only PRs sent to the 10.x branch of the laravel/framework repository are eligible.

  • Only "true" bug fixes are accepted. New features, refactoring, or typo fixes will not be counted.

  • Every bug fix must include a test.

If you want to join in take a look at the post and start fixing bugs!