Laravel 11 Scheduled for Release on Tuesday, March 12th, 2024

Laravel 11 Scheduled for Release on Tuesday, March 12th, 2024

Laravel 11 is set to be released in Q1 of 2024 and will include several new features and changes. The directory structure has been streamlined, with a reduction in the number of files on a fresh install. Controllers no longer extend anything by default, and the middleware directory has been removed, with customization options moved to the App/ServiceProvider.

Model casts are now defined as methods instead of properties, allowing for more flexibility in defining casts. A new Dumpable trait has been introduced to streamline the framework's core by consolidating "dd" or "dump" methods.

Laravel 11 will also see changes to config files, with all config options cascading down and the .env file expanded to include all the options you'd want to set. A new config:publish command is included to bring back any config you might want.

The once helper method has been added to ensure the same value is returned no matter how many times you call an object method. Default migrations have been slimmed down, and there will be only two route files by default, with API routes and websocket broadcasting becoming opt-in.

Laravel 11 will include a new /up health route that fires a DiagnosingHealthEvent, allowing for better integration with up-time monitoring. The APP_KEY rotation has been improved to prevent broken data in the database, and the console kernel is being removed, with console commands defined in routes/console.php.

Named arguments are not covered by Laravel's backward compatibility guidelines, and the framework may rename function arguments when necessary. The average load limit has been integrated into Laravel 11, and the minimum PHP version required is 8.2, with SQLite 3.35.0+ also required.

Laravel 11 will no longer depend on the Doctrine DBAL, and registering custom Doctrine types is no longer necessary for the proper creation and alteration of various column types[1].

The official release date for Laravel 11 is not set, but it is expected to be released in the first or second week of March 2024.

#Streamlined Directory Structure

On a fresh install, the file count has dropped by ~ 69 files. Nice.

Check out our post on this complete new Laravel 11 Directory Structure

So far, these are just a beta preview. They might change, but as of now, here is what to expect...

  • Controllers no longer extend anything by default.

  • The config files are gone.

  • No more middleware directory.

Currently, Laravel includes nine middleware and many you would never customize. However, if you do want to customize them, that is moved to the App/ServiceProvider. For example:

public function boot(): void

#No more Http/Kernel

Most of the things you used to could do in the Kernel you can now do in the Bootstrap/App.

return Application::configure()
    ->withProviders ()
        web: __DIR__.'/../routes/web.php'
        commands: __DIR__.'/../routes/console.php',
    ->withMiddleware(function(Middleware Smiddleware) {
        $middleware->web(append: LaraconMiddleware::class):

#Model casts changes

Model casts are now defined as a method instead of a property. When defined as a method we can do other things, like call other methods directly from the casts. Here is an example using a new Laravel 11 AsEnumCollection:

protected function casts(): array
    return [
        'email_verified_at' => 'datetime',
        'password' => 'hashed',
        'options'=› AsEnumCollection::of(UserOption::class),

#New Dumpable Trait

This aims to streamline the core of the framework since multiple classes currently have "dd" or "dump" methods. Plus you can use this Dumpable trait in your own classes:

class Stringable implements JsonSerializable, ArrayAccess
    use Conditionable, Dumpable, Macroable, Tappable;


Read more about the new Dumpable Trait.

#Config Changes

Laravel has a lot of config files, and Laravel 11 removes these, and all config options cascade down. The .env has been expanded to include all the options you'd want to set.

To pair with this is a new config:publish command so you can bring back any config you might want. Even with bringing them back, the new cascade feature allows you to remove every option you don't want to customize.

Read more about the config changes or watch our reel

#New Once method

Laravel 11 includes a new once helper method that ensures you'll always get the same value no matter how many times you call an object method. The once function is helpful when you have some code that you want to ensure only ever runs one time.

#Slimmed default Migrations

When you start a new Laravel app, it comes with some default migrations from 2014 and 2019. These now will come with the dates removed and moved into just two files.

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#Routes changes

By default, there will be only two route files, console.php and web.php. API routes will now become opt-in via php artisan install:api, giving you the API routes file and Laravel Sanctum.

The same with websocket broadcasting, php artisan install:broadcasting.

#New up Health Route

Laravel 11 will include a new /uphealth route that fires a DiagnosingHealthEvent so you can better integrate with up-time monitoring.

#APP_KEY Rotation

In older versions of Laravel, if you change your APP_KEY it could lead to broken data in the database. Laravel 11 has a new graceful rotation that will NOT break old encrypted data, using an APP_PREVIOUS_KEYS .env variable. It will auto-re-encrypt the data using a new key.

#Console Kernel Removed

The Console Kernel is being removed, and you'll be able to instead define your console commands right in routes/console.php.

#Named Arguments

Named arguments are not covered by Laravel's backwards compatibility guidelines. They may choose to rename function arguments when necessary in order to improve the Laravel codebase. When calling Laravel methods using named arguments should be done cautiously and with the understanding that the parameter names may change in the future.

#Eager Load Limit

Laravel 11 integrates the code behind the "eager load limit" package:

User::select('id', 'name')->with([
    'articles' => fn($query) => $query->limit(5)

Read more about Eager Load Limit here.

#When will Laravel 11 be released?

No official date is set other than Q1 2024. At Laracon EU it was hinted that it'll be the first or second week of March 2024.

#PHP 8.2 minimum support

This was an early decision, but Laravel 11 apps require a minimum of PHP 8.2. If you are running an older version of PHP, now is a good time to get that upgraded.

#SQLite 3.35.0+ required

If you use a SQLite database, then Laravel 11 will require SQLite 3.35.0 or greater.

#Doctrine DBAL Removal

Laravel is no longer dependent on the Doctrine DBAL and registering custom Doctrines types is no longer necessary for the proper creation and alteration of various column types that previously required custom types.

#Install Laravel 11

Laravel 11 hasn't been released yet, but you can start using it and testing it by running Laravel New with the --dev flag:

laravel new projectname --dev

Keep in mind things will change from now until the official Laravel 11 release.

#Upgrade to Laravel 11

Laravel Shift is the easiest way to upgrade but you can also follow the upgrade guide in the Laravel docs

#Laravel Support Policy

For all Laravel releases, bug fixes are provided for 18 months, and security fixes are provided for 2 years. For all additional libraries, including Lumen, only the latest major release receives bug fixes.

VersionPHP (*)ReleaseBug Fixes UntilSecurity Fixes Until
Laravel 98.0 - 8.2February 8th, 2022August 8th, 2023February 6th, 2024
Laravel 108.1 - 8.2Q1 2023August 6th, 2024February 4th, 2025
Laravel 118.2Q1 2024August 5th, 2025February 3rd, 2026


So far, all these features are considered beta for Laravel 11 and are designed to improve your workflow. Things can and probably change, and we will keep this post updated as new features are announced.