Laravel Herd for Windows launches in March '24

Laravel Herd for Windows launches in March '24

Herd is a dedicated Laravel and PHP development environment tailored for macOS users, designed to enhance speed and streamline the development process. Notable features and advantages of Herd include:

  1. Optimized Performance:

    • Leveraging static binaries for PHP, nginx, and dnsmasq, Herd boasts superior performance compared to other PHP development environments.

    • Developers can benefit from a claimed 35% faster test execution and 100% faster web request response times.

  2. All-Inclusive Package:

    • Herd comes pre-packaged with essential components like PHP and nginx, eliminating the need for manual setup and configuration. This provides a hassle-free and efficient development experience.
  3. CLI Integration:

    • The inclusion of Composer, Laravel installer, and Expose binaries in the Command-Line Interface (CLI) ensures immediate access to crucial tools for dependency management, Laravel installation, and project exposure.
  4. Terminal Management:

    • Developers can conveniently handle site and service management directly from the terminal, aligning with the preferences of those who favor command-line interfaces for development tasks.
  5. Smooth Migration from Valet:

    • Herd facilitates a seamless transition for developers currently using Laravel Valet. Existing Valet preferences are automatically migrated, allowing developers to switch to Herd without disruptions to their workflow.
  6. Intuitive UI for Configuration:

    • The presence of an intuitive User Interface (UI) for configuration, encompassing settings for PHP versions and SSL certificates, enhances user-friendliness. This UI-driven approach simplifies the management of development environment preferences.

In summary, Herd is a developer-centric environment that prioritizes speed and user convenience. Its focus on providing a swift transition for Laravel developers accustomed to Valet, coupled with features like an intuitive UI and CLI integration, positions Herd as an appealing choice for macOS users seeking a high-performance Laravel development environment.

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