OpnForm is an Open-source Form Builder Made With Laravel

OpnForm is an Open-source Form Builder Made With Laravel

OpenForm is an open-source form builder made with Laravel, Vue.js, Tailwind CSS, and more. You can self-host this application or use the cloud-based hosted version to create forms that you can share anywhere on the web using a no-code form builder:

OpnForm builder example

The main features of the form builder application include the following:

  • No-code form builder, with an infinite number of fields & submissions

  • Text inputs, Date inputs, URL inputs, Phone inputs, Email inputs, Checkboxes, Select and Multi-Select inputs, Number Inputs, Star-ratings, File uploads & more

  • Embed anywhere (on your website, on your Notion page, etc)

  • Email notifications (for both form owner & form respondents)

  • Hidden fields

  • Form passwords

  • URL form pre-fill

  • Slack integration

  • Webhooks

  • Form logic

  • Customize colors, add images, or even some custom code

  • Captcha form protection

  • Form closing date

  • Limit the number of submissions allowed

  • And much more!

The other side of why we wanted to share OpnForm, is that it is an open-source Laravel application. It is a full application for which you can browse the entire source code, including PestPHP testing examples, Vue components, a Vue SPA, Tailwind CSS, and more.

Check it out on GitHub at JhumanJ/OpnForm, and you check out the hosted version of the application on opnform.com.