PostgreSQL Full Text Search for Laravel Scout

PostgreSQL Full Text Search for Laravel Scout

This package makes it easy to use native PostgreSQL Full Text Search capabilities with Laravel Scout:

// plainto_tsquery()
$posts = App\Post::search('cat rat')

// phraseto_tsquery()
$posts = App\Post::search('cat rat')

// to_tsquery()
$posts = App\Post::search('fat & (cat | rat)')

// websearch_to_tsquery()
// uses web search syntax
$posts = App\Post::search('"sad cat" or "fat rat" -mouse')

// DIY using a callback
use ScoutEngines\Postgres\TsQuery\ToTsQuery;

$results = App\Post::search('fat & (cat | rat)', function ($builder, $config) {
    return new ToTsQuery($builder->query, $config);

And here's an example model:

class Post extends Model
    use Searchable;

    // Configurable search data...
    // Bring other data (i.e., tags) to the index document
    public function toSearchableArray()
        return [
            'title' => $this->title,
            'content' => $this->content,
            'author' => $this->user->name,
            'tags' => $this->tags->pluck('tag')->implode(' '),

    public function searchableOptions()
         return [
            // Model search config for index settings, rank, etc.

The way this integration works is that the parsed document model data is stored in the same table in the searchable column with the tsvector type. You can fine-tune how each model works by integrating a searchableOptions() method, which allows you to:

  • Configurable column name (default is searchable)

  • Rank groups can be assigned to fields in the table

  • Rank weights are configurable for each rank group

  • Configurable ranking function to use (ts_rank or ts_rank_cd)

  • Rank normalization

  • And more...

You can learn more about this package, get full installation instructions, and view the source code on GitHub.