Laravel Herd on Windows is now Available

Laravel Herd on Windows is now Available

There's good news for Laravel developers on Windows! Laravel Herd, a popular development environment for macOS, is launching a Windows version in March 2024 (which is today!).

Here's what you can expect from Laravel Herd on Windows:

  • All-inclusive package: Herd comes bundled with essential components like PHP and Nginx, eliminating the need for separate installations and configurations. This offers a streamlined development experience.

  • Smooth migration: If you're already using Laravel Valet on Windows, Herd offers a seamless transition. It can automatically migrate your existing Valet settings and certificates, so you can switch to Herd without disrupting your workflow.

Since it's just been launched today, you might need to check the Laravel Herd website for download instructions specific to Windows. Here's the link to their website: